EdisonLearning Advances “Don’t Let Them Drop” Campaign at the National Dropout Prevention Conference

Beginning this upcoming weekend, EdisonLearning will be raising awareness among the nation’s foremost education leaders in the area of dropout prevention and recovery at the National Dropout Prevention Center’s annual conference in Detroit.  Thom Jackson, who serves on the Center’s Board of Directors, will be joined by members of EdisonLearning’s Achievement and Business Development teams to discuss with public school administrators our successful Bridgescape Learning Academies, and the innovative new project-based curriculum that has enhanced our Alternative Education solution.

EdisonLearning’s booth at the conference, which runs from October 1-5, will include the “Don’t Let Them Drop” 3D art installation that visually highlights the sense of urgency on the personal and societal costs of the national drop out crisis, and also depicts that during this current school year – approximately 800,000 young people will drop out of high school – an average of 4,000 every school day – ONE every 90 seconds.

In addition, Natalie Williams of EdisonLearning will be joined by Eric Davis of Global Learning Models, and Holly Brzycki the Capital Area Intermediate Unit in a conference session on October 3, entitled: “Engaging Non-Traditional Students Through Project-Based Learning.”  This session will provide attendees with information about a dynamic and interactive project-based curriculum to transform the non-traditional learner experience, which has been developed by EdisonLearning, Global Learning Models, and the CAIU’s online program - CAOLA. Attendees will also create a mini-mastery project to better comprehend the non-traditional student’s attainment of critical thinking and analytical skills that lead to sustained success.